Joe & Bertha Trowsdale

Joseph Franklin Trowsdale b. 18 October 1895 d. 21 April 1966

Bertha Helena Cameron b. 30 September 1894 d. 3 May 1976

They married 14 August 1918. 

They lived in Crapaud, Prince Edward Island in the house that had been his parents’ (Robert Edison Trowsdale and Myra Rogerson) home. Joe had an older brother, Wilfred amd two younger sisters, Florence and Amy. Below is the family sometime after July 1902. Left to right: Amy, Florence, Myra, Jospeh and Wilfred. Joe’s father Robert Trowsdale died July 20, 1902 in a farm accident. I believe this photo was taken in front of that house. I wonder if this was taken the day of Robert’s Funeral.

To the left is my daughter-in-law’s artwork with a photo of the four Trowsdale siblings. The oldest Wilfred is standing in back. Joseph is seated. Amy is seated left amd Florence is in the middle. This was raken around 1918…I am speculating.

Below are headshots of the siblings. I have no way of knowing when they were taken. I’ve never seen Amy with her hair loose like in the photo below. She is likely a teenager here.


Florence Trowsdale
Florence Trowsdale 1898-1992
Amy Trowsdale
Amy Trowsdale 1897-1990

Joseph and his mother Myra are standing in back. I’m unsure if that is Florence on the far left but I’m 90% sure it is. Amy is kneeling next to her and that looks like Bertha next to Amy. I have no idea who the woman far right is.

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